Our mission is to passionately build a governing kingdom church to influence the city and impact the nation, through the raising of worshipful covenanted breakthrough believers trained in kingdom living, manifesting Christ's character in ministry with miracles, signs and wonders finishing His will on the earth.

As a Training Center and strategic apostolic base, we are training and upgrading our church, others churches and members of the body of Christ continually.

Lion of Judah Senior Pastors

Dr. Mario is the Founder and Senior Ministers of Lion of Judah Family Worship and Training Center, a governing kingdom church in Riverdale, Georgia. He is driven by the Holy mandate and assignment, and their determination is set to: Perfecting a Generation to Finish Strong! Mario is a devoted son and daughter to their spiritual parents Dr. Jonathan and Helen David in Malaysia and are members of the International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches (I.S.A.A.C. Network).

The Definition of a Governing Church

A governing church is a local church that has become the epicenter and hub of divine activity carrying a spiritual prevailing position to enhance kingdom influence by exercising dominion over the spiritual realm, keeping the heavens open and making it conducive for the Holy Spirit's movement in the regions around it and beyond.

  • The church is an epicenter
    It is a point from which divine activities pulsate out. They resonate from that place.

  • It is a hub
    It holds things together from that place. It is His government seat.

  • It carries a prevailing position
    A prevailing position is not measured by number, it is measured by stature. Stature is a position of influence that gives you a leverage to exercise spiritual authority in context of kingdom government. (Genesis 32) Jacob's stature had changed. Stature is because of God's dealing upon your life. Don't let God go; it is the dawning of a new day. The new day is for those who are of stature.

  • It keeps the heavens open (Acts 19:8-20)
    The church that Paul had was a school. It was a time of training. The people will go to the next level and you as a minister will also go to the next level if we keep training the best. When the world/religious crowd starts to copy you, then you know you have stature. At the end of the day, results speak. (verse 18) You will flush out heathen practices.

A Governing Kingdom Church is a local church with a global mentality. Their thought patterns are to influence from within. It is a local group of believers who want to take on the city. They are city takers and world changers. They have no walls, just bridges which connect to society.