Build. Impact. Govern. 

In the last days the mountain of the house of the Lord will be established as the chief of the mountains and all nations will stream to it
— Jesus, the Lion of Judah, Isaiah 2:2

About The Lion of Judah
Family Worship Center

Lion of Judah is a governing church which is a local church that has become the epicenter and hub of divine activity carrying a spiritual prevailing position to enhance Kingdom influence by exercising dominion over the spiritual realm, keeping the heavens open and making it conducive for the Holy Spirit's movement in the regions around it and beyond.

Our Mission

To passionately build a governing kingdom church to influence the city and impact the nation, through the raising of worshipful covenanted breakthrough believers trained in kingdom living, manifesting Christ's character in ministry with miracles, signs and wonders finishing His will on the earth. As a Training Center and strategic apostolic base, we are training and upgrading our church, others churches and members of the body of Christ continually.


Intermediate Prophetic Training

“Night Vision Seer Course”Starts Friday 22nd February 2019 thru 22nd March @7:30 pm Each Friday. It’s for those that have already completed our Introductory Level or Boot Camp C.R.A.M. Course.

Training Course Cost: $50

Intermediate Prophetic Training “Night Vision Seer Course”